New Professionals of the Nation

The New Professionals of the Nation

"She now works flexibly from home, without external controls. She works when she wants to. This means that she does nothing but work at home and can't relax there any more.

Repairing the fax machine, doing the washing, organising a meeting, learning a new programme, doing the washing up, writing invoices, doing the tax return, booking a flight online, taking the camera to be repaired, keeping up contacts, showing interest - all this becomes too much for her sometimes and she is only paid for a small part of this work.

Recently she has begun, because of these various requirements which often overtax her physical and mental capabilities, to put up post-it notes everywhere in the flat, with the things which she absolutely has to get done. She has often read in the paper that cultural and creative careers are the model of self-determined work. Artists and intellectuals are supported as "professionals of the nation".

However she is annoyed, as she has a feeling of not being able to decide anything, except for the fact that she can get up when she wants, or work at night."


As a part of the project "Bodies at Work" by Maja Bekan and Angela Serino - this text piece (paraphrased from She now works flexible…by Brigitta Kuster, Isabell Lorey, Marion von Osten und Katja Reichard) was performed at the market in Beijing.