Hotel New York

Hotel New York


Hotel New York. Inquiry in Location. 
Developed by Maja Bekan, Mirjana Stojadinovic and Gunndís Ýr Finnbogadóttir
Two-day small-scale public event 
01 and 02 July 2007.

‘HNY. Inquiry in Location’ is inspired and developed particularly for the site of Hotel New York Rotterdam. Two -day public event was divided into afternoon private viewing of the artworks and public evenings with performances, talks and readings.
Our considerations envisage the physical encounter of the guests with each other, with the works (video/sound installations, performances, imagery/objects, lectures and talks) and with the location itself. We were intrigued by the explicit context of the former head office of the Holland-America Line, the ambivalent notion of remoteness and distance and the manner of exhibiting works in a non-gallery space. The invitation to attend was publicly distributed. After a couple of emails were exchanged with each guest individually, we would set the arrival time for one of the two days. The only thing the audience knew beforehand was the place of the event. In this way the anticipation of what was to be expected was limited. 
The space we used was a vast conference hall on the first floor, number104. We place in this space works of different mediums (video, text works, sound pieces), which became available to one-two-three-or - four member audience groups for a half an hour in the afternoon. In the evening a group of twenty four members together attended performances, lectures, had excellent wine together and talked in a relaxed manner, On the second, and last, day the routine repeated and the audience was different every time.
The project included works such as: Multiple spaces lecture by Bram Ieven, Reading from Notebooks by Terje Overas, Dream Spaces by Liesbeth Bik, You are the first one I am telling this to by Susan Schmidt, Talk by Tine Wilde, Text work by Jesica Worden, In a manner of speaking- there is no by Boba Mirjana Stojadinovic, Conference From the Antipodes- by AEther9, Microscopiclives by Robert Suermondt, Where should my house have gone by Gunndis Yr Finnbogadottir and Aquarium by Maja Bekan


sound/video installation for Hotel New York

As a part of the project, I presented my video/sound installation in the quite charming secessionist bathroom of the room 104. During the private afternoon viewing, one guest each day was able to experience my work.
I would guide the guest to the room and on our way up I talked about myself as an artist, about my art practice, performing an act like an ‘elevator sales pitch’. When my guest entered the bathroom, I explained that he/she has half an hour to view the artwork and enjoy in a private foam bath.


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