Golden Party

Golden Party, video

The work Golden Party explores various manifestations of ‘amateurish’ multi level sales practices trough Tupperware –like parties, organized among social acquaintances. The informal domestic structure of home-sale Tupperware-like parties, which Bekan’s mother frequently organisesis the focus of the video.

The model of the domestic networking parties can be seen as a modern instrument for the constant improvement of life. According to the artist these meetings have led her to an investigation of the performative role of the object, the mediator and membership of the constituent social group who attend.

Artist’s mother and group of her close friends who regularly meet, once a week, and who as a hobby are freelancing for various multi level companies ranging from jewelry to health are taking the central stage of the film. Recent economical crisis introduced different variation of these so-called ‘parties’ and included ‘gold valuation’ and exchange. The gathering was re-staged and filmed in Belgrade, in the family apartment. By looking at a leisure perceived as a work, video is exploring ‘the body at work’ failing when confronted with the certain task and expectations.