Healthy Body Healthy Mind


Healthy body, healthy mind

Two screen video installation, duration 54’34, sound, 2006.
The video installation (‘Healthy body, healthy mind’) consist of two video pieces, shot in real time, the first was represented on a 71- inch TV monitor and it was shot in Belgrade, a typical aerobics class. The other video was projected on the screen 3x4 (m) and I used myself as a ’ repeater’ of exercises that I have never done before. In that way, the dark space of the gallery and the two bodies, both following the same dress code (obligatory tights and g-strings ) competing, racing with one another, created the atmosphere where it was open for viewer to experience the struggle that happens when you are repeatedly confronted with certain expectations and possible failure

Healthy body, healthy mind 
The Instructor and The Repeater videos
(54’30’’,sound,2006. )
Duration of the preview: 30 seconds