About P for performance


P for Performance (Everyday Exercising)
A series of event-like performative art.
Concept by Maja Bekan

These thematic performative events are inspired by never-ending enthusiasm of my
mother’s dedication to improve my life by introducing me to variety of products using
home-sale (Tupperware like) parties.
My interest in these events lies in the procedures of membership, the initiation and
rituals of people who congregate around certain object, or the ideas behind them.

What is the nature of the apparatus and the ideological ideas behind it? How are our
desires and our anxieties mediated in complex ways by the representations of the
others that surround us? How can people congregate around a product and make the
experience of it a social space?

The performative evenings aim to be an open platform for investigation, where one
might take various roles – as a performer, participant or spectator. The events
envision an encounter of the guests among each other and with the works
(performances, imagery/objects, lectures and talks). The participants of this enquiry
are invited to take over different positions: whether one is a moderator, explorer,
presenter or a visitor to the place.

P for Performance (Everyday Exercising) is part of an ongoing project by Maja
Bekan: Secret Powers for Identity, Security and Self-Respect in Troubling Times.
The aim of the performance events is to try to critically engage into the investigation
of the artist’s role as a producer and advertiser.

Practical information:
The events are scheduled to take place once a month. Invitation to P for Performance
will happen by mail. If you like to be notified please send an email to: